04 January 2014

Resolutions and Goals - 2014

In the weeks leading up to the end of 2013, I started thinking about some potential New Year's resolutions. Over the years, I've been quite a waffler on making these silly things. I start off the new year with a bang and always try to be better in whatever areas that I think I'm slacking but before too long, I'm a slacker.

But, this year is different. It's 2014.

  • Blog at Least 6 Technical Articles
    I've been a huge slacker on this. I'm still a geek and am constantly working on things that could be blogged but I always see a new shiny and move on without capturing my fails/successes/notes.
  • JavaScript Project
    Last year I learned more about Node.js but have remained mostly a newb and haven't really done much. I have a few ideas for a Node.js project and need to get off my tail and get implementing.
  • Community Volunteer for at Least 4 Events
    This should be an easy goal. One event every 3 months. These will consist of soup kitchen prep, tire amnesty worker, clean up / leaf raker, etc.
  • Run at Least 6 Races
    Last year I started the year with a few very nice races, running the fastest times I've had in more than a decade. But life and old age came down on me hard and what could've been a good running year, slowed to a crawl. A few years back, I raced ~28 or so races so I'm tempted to say I'll run 12 races. But I'm setting the bar low.
  • Log Every Mile
    Yet another thing that I always do in spurts.The main reason that I care about my miles is to make sure that I change out my shoes after 300-400 miles. Instead I guess and end up running in shoes that are busted down.