15 March 2008

Money 02 - Making The Money

Today I hit 300 page impressions since I added adsense to this blog. Check out the earnings over there on the right. Yes! I have made exactly $0.01 for having those well placed, audience targeted ads all over my blog.

I've had the ads for almost two months now, so lets see ... $0.01 * 6 months * 17 = ~$1.00. Could it be true? In 17 short years, I'll make $1.00 !!! And mom said I'll never amount to anything.


Richard Crowley said...

Interesting blog. Reading your adventures almost convinces me to start my own blog. I scrolled to the top of the page just to see what Google thought was "Sense"ible to "Ad" and found a Google ad in Russian (I think). I've never seen a Google ad in Russian before. I don't speak it. I have no Russian fonts on my PC or any other perceptible indication that I have anything to do with the language. Rather curious. I have a screen-shot of the phenomenon if you would find it amusing.

lizard43 said...

Hi Richard, that would be neat to see. Maybe post a follow-up with an embeeded link to photobucket?

I am baffled how ads are sometimes matched up to this blog. I have seen everything advertised from pantyhose to warehouse shopping. My fortunes are rising though. As of today, my all-time revenue is $5.72 !