31 December 2008

Xbee Shield Kit Schematic V2.0

I've been getting a lot of Google hits on the blog looking for the Arduino Xbee Shield Kit V2.0 schematic. I had a hard time finding V2.0 also 'cause NKC Electronics seems to only have V1.0 posted. NKC's Support Forum link is also 404'd. I emailed them in October about the bad link but when I checked a few bits ago, it was still a dead end.

I ended up getting my V2.0 schematic copy (that's only a partial shot over on the left) from NKC support via an email exchange and have uploaded the pdf to: http://www.mediafire.com/?zjtykjtohji

Let me know if the link doesn't work for you. Or leave a comment if it does. Tell me what you're using the shield for. Or look around at the rest of the blog. It's free ...

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