02 May 2009

Greasemonkey Index of /images

After I posted the Yahoo Baseball Greasemonkey script, I remembered another script that I have that's worth sharing. Not my Yahoo Football Greasemonkey script which does the same as the baseball (shows in-game stats on tab title) but another more useless useful script.

Have you ever been searching for an image or been Stumbling around and came across a page like the one to the left?

I see them quite often actually because I'm nosy and like to poke around on web sites. If I see a picture of interest, I wonder if the web site owner has others that aren't being displayed.

But here's the rub. We have a nice list but we have to click each one to see it.

Greasemonkey to the rescue.

I wrote a quick script that replaces the little icon to the left of each link with the link src. And since loading these images may be time consuming, you don't want to do this on every "Index of /" page that you come across. So we wrap that function up in a "Show Images" link at the top of the page when it completes loading.

I've uploaded the script to userscripts.org where you can check it out. Install it and go to a page where you can see for yourself how it works.

Google around for "index of /images" and see what treasures abound.

I find lots of pages like this by "going up" a level on a URL. For example (not real, this is not a valid location) if you are looking at a photo:


Then see what's at:


Either by editing the URL in the address bar or use the "up one level on this web site" button in Firefox. What, you don't know about that button? Right-Click an empty spot the tool bar and select "Customize...". Drag the icon that looks like the one I've circled below to your tool bar. Use it and discover lots of stuff.

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