09 August 2010

Sanyo DP26648 White Screen of Death

 Santa brought my game player son a Sanyo SP2664 26-inch Widescreen LCD HD Television last Christmas.  A few months into the year, the TV started getting occasional white lines diagonally across the screen, the greens looked weird, and then the audio went in/out.  I could've/should've hauled it back to Wally Mart but grumbled about it and did nothing.

We came home from our July 4th vacation and the darn TV is dead.  White Screen of death.  No sound, just a stupid looking white screen.

An interesting thread on the Electronics Repair Google Group led my son and I to think that we could fix this beast.

According to the thread, "it has been reported that there is a defective ribbon cable that causes this problem".  And the possible fix is "Clean glue like material from spaced further apart trace of FFC ribbon or replace the ribbon wire P/N: N6CD FFC".

Well, I'm pleased to report that we hacked and smashed and tore that darn TV up, finally got to the elusive cable.  And it looks nothing like that picture.  Our cable looked fine, no glue, seemed like a good connection.  And the TV remains broken and in 300-bazillion parts.

We had fun exploring the TV but it would have been a better story if the darn thing would have actually been easy to fix.  I think our TV had more wrong with it than just the cable.  But if your TV is showing the white screen of death, read the link and good luck.

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