13 August 2010

Sad Day for the Great White Boxster

After a little more than a year of ownership and the main reason that I haven't been updating my blog, I sold my Boxster (the Great White). She was a good car but after buying a 911 in early Spring, I just wasn't driving her much.

My family is much sadder than me though cause they liked the Boxster better than the 911.

I really love the mid-engine Boxster and will probably buy a Cayman S in the near future.  After getting the Porsche bug, I wasn't happy until I had a 911.  What a complete different experience.  The Boxster is refined and hugs the curves like no other car I ever driven.  The 911 is raw, loud and dares you to give it too much gas so it can swing its ass around and make you look like a noob driver.  But it's so fast and the power is addicting.

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